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Convert from Sourdough

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Bruce J

Convert from Sourdough

I am looking at the Deli rye bread in Reinhart's BBA with great interest.  However the other half of the household does not like sourdough and a fermenting sourdough starter in the refrigerator would not go over well. 

King Arthur flour has a deli rye flavoring which has the acetic and lactic acid necessary to provide that deli flavor.  So I am trying to figure out how to change Reinhart's BBA starter from a barm to a starter with yeast.  Does anyone have suggestions on the amounts necessary.

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Just an idea because I have never done it with that formula but he has a book titled Whole Grain Breads and in it he uses 2 pre-ferments.  One is a biga which uses .1%  IY that is then put into the refrig. overnight.  The remainer of the IY goes into the final dough which is added the next morning.  I believe that the total amount of yeast in the fomula is 1.5% of the total flour used.

(The 2 pre-ferments each contain 44% of the total flour.  The biga gets 33% of the recipes water and the soaker gets all the rest of the water in the formula.  The soaker gets a bit of salt (.02%) and the biga gets the IY (1%). They are then left to sit for about 12 hours prior to being mixed into the final dough).

Using this method you won't need the sd.  

If you have a library close by it would probably help to see this written out fully.

Good Luck :-)