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Bob's Bread, Norwich UK

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Bob's Bread, Norwich UK

My wife has challenged me to bake a loaf like one that was widely sold in wholefood shops in Norwich UK  in the 80s (she's named one particular shop, Renaissance in St Benedict Street). It was (?colloquially?) known as Bob's Bread.

From what I can gather it was a dense wholewheat loaf, possibly malted, without much of a rise to it (hence the alternative name, 'Bob's Bricks').

It did exist, that much I know, and isn't just a false memory of her student days, as we have found a mention of it in a blog post by someone who was also at university at around that time. But we cannot track a baker or recipe for it.

If by any chance anyone out there has any knowledge of this bread and can share any thoughts about how to produce it, you'd make my wife a happy woman!

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I wasn't born until half way through the 80s so I can't really chime in with a recipe, but that's a bloody brilliant name for a loaf of bread! :D

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I too have recently started trying to source the recipe for Bob's Bread, which was my staple diet as a student in Norwich in the early 80s.  A friend of mine is also trying to find it, as her husband has recently taken up bread making.  The only clue we have is that Bob now lives in Brighton and doesn't bake bread any more!  Sorry, but would love to know if you find any more.