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Good day to bake

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Good day to bake

It is snowing here in Minnesota in mid-April. Good day to bake bread.  I made the  Coccodrillo Ciabatta recipe from TFL with the 100% hydration dough.  I also made the whole wheat boule from Hammelman's Bread book.  Really happy with the loaves.  Crumb was divine on the Ciabatta and I hope the crumb will be good on the whole wheat loaf as well.  (Will not cut into it until tomorrow.)

I have to say, I was very dubious about the Ciabatta dough as I have never worked that slack of a dough before, but it worked just like Jason said.  We ate one of the loaves in one sitting for lunch with some Gouda cheese and good olive oil.  Will be a go to recipe from now on.

I am really liking the Hammelman book and my only complaint is I am a metric convert and I have to convert his recipes to gms from the pounds and ounces.  But I am happy with my loaves so far.

So glad to have a place to share success stories as well as help for the not so pretty bakes.


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That's some fine crumb on the ciabatta and i'm sure the WW will be just as nice.


happy baking

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Very nice.

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Love the crumb on the ciabatta.  The whole wheat loaves look wonderful.  It is so nice to have this site to share our bakes.  Thank you for sharing yours with us all.  I'm sure the ciabatta has great flavor and the whole wheat loaves will be flavorful as well.  Once you get used to homemade bread there really is no going back to store bought.  Home made loaves can be made with so much flavor there is no comparison. 

Happy Baking,


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Hamelman's home formulae appear to be a 1/10 scale version of the metric formulae, converted to English units.  Maybe you could just divide the metric units by 10 and simplify your effort.


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I think I could just divide by ten, but interestingly, if you convert the home measurement, it is not quite the same as 1/10th the metric version.  Regardless, looks like it would work either way.


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Great ciabatta! 

As for Hamelman's Bread, I too love the book & am a metric user. I just take the percentages and scale to my desired dough weight as my bakes are pretty small. Earlier I had to remember that baker's percentage gives fresh yeast. Now I have noted IY percentages next to it for all recipes  so I don't forget.