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Yesterday, I stumbled upon an old TFL conversation about using kefir to get a sour flavor in bread and saw someone mentioned using buttermilk.  If I feed my starter with a flour and buttermilk blend, leave it out to get happy, will that help produce a more sour flavor? 

Sour sourdough is still an illusive bugger in my East County San Diego area.  I've pretty much given up on it as my best efforts only produce a very mild sour flavor.  My starter bubbles and grows as it should, in fact this week I left the starter out on the counter three days feeding it, the last day with a bit of rye flour, then after making the dough, let it rise in the fridge for almost two days, and still, just a hint of sour.  Thanks for any input.  ~ Russ

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What percentage of hydration is your starter. A more liquid starter would produce more lactic acid and a firmer starter( say 50% ) would produce more acetic acid. If you are looking to get more Tang( more acetic acid) you might want to start by having a firmer starter.

Can you give us more info on your bakers percentage and process, this way we might be able to be of better help







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Fred Rickson

I'd suggest a loose build, and take it out to three or four days with morning and evening feeding, maybe days at room temp and nights in the fridge. You are basically building a large starter.  Sour, and taste, will come.