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Go Lean Bread

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Go Lean Bread

Ever since I bought this hot cereal


I have been wanting to make some bread with it. Well I was down to the last packet so it looks like today is the day. I am hoping fora slighly sweet white bread with some whole grains in it.


Tentative recipe:


1 packet cereal cooked per directions and cooled (happening currently)

approx 3 cups of AP flour

3 tsp vital wheat gluten

enough water to make it nice. I have no idea how much this will be

2 tsp yeast

2tsp salt

1 tbl margerine


wish me luck :) the cereal is cooking now. I hope to get it kneading in about an hour. I love experiments!



the bread is DELICIOUS.  I baked it in a loaf pan at 350 degrees about 45 min.  it turned out squishy and soft on the inside and light brown on outside.  I ended up using about 1 cup of water and approx 3.5 cups of AP flour.  I highly reccomend doing this.  my daughter is begging for anothre peice as i type this!  Oh and I used the very vanilla flavor of cereal.





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Good luck, April!

Beth Hensperger has a recipe in the Bread Bible for 7-grain hot cereal.  I have used the regular Kashi pilaf in it before, and it's good.  The GoLean might work the same way.  

I'll be looking forward to seeing how it goes for you!

Katie in SC 

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That is funny - for the last 4 months of so I have been looking at the GoLean box every time I open the cupboard to get flour and wondering...

Let us know how it works.


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what's GoLean?

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follow the link and it will give you the details.  basicly its a whole grain hot cereal.  its really yummy :)



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...duh...didn't notice the link...thanks, APril.

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hehehehe its ok :)



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Mini Oven


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thanks :)


its cooling now and it lookes awfully good.  just gotta be patient to taste



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Kashi Go Lean muffins are very good and only 1 point for those Weight Watchers out there! They have pineapple added, very moist. They are made with the regular cereal.