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Hi  I just bought some wheat bran thinking I would add more fiber to my diet. Ok now what? I want to add while baking and need to know how much and any other need to know facts. Thanks for any help. Patrick from Modesto

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How much wheat bran you can add to a formula and how it will affect the outcome will depend on what you're trying to make. If you want to add wheat bran to a lean wheat bread, just be prepared for the loaf to turn out denser, since the bran flakes will interfere with the gluten structure of the bread. Wheat bran can be easily added to quickbread recipes, such as banana bread or carrot bread. Just make sure to add some extra liquid to compensate for the extra dry mass.

Oatmeal is another great medium for wheat bran. Personally, I like oatmeal better with the added bran texture.

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Try oat bran too. It tastes better. May offer extra benefits. Probably more expensive though.

I went through a period of adding bran(both types) to some of my recipes. Basically, soaked the brans in water. Then just added reasonable amounts(3 or four tablespoons) to things like muffins. If already presoaked, you don't have to worry much about adjusting the recipes ingredients.

Ground flax meal is another good additive. As the others, soak it too.

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Postal Grunt

I add wheat bran to my loaves when the whim strikes me. Most of my loaves have 400 g of flour and the bran, when added, is about 80 g. One thing I would suggest is to pre-soak the bran with an equal weight of water for at least four hours. Wheat bran can also be used on your couche or with the flour in your banneton. It adds a nice texture to the crust.  Be sure to monitor your dough when mixing, bran can absorb a lot of water.

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Thanks all I think i've learned alot and will experiment. Patrick

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I'd rather eat more salad than adding bran to my bread. Bran seriously limits the volume that bread can get.

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Toadies (Toady Tom's, Tasty ,Toasted Tidbits) with it - when mixed with equal parts of oat bran, wheat germ and sifted middlings and then dry pan toasted until nicely browned.  I add about 2% of dough weight.  One of the healthiest and best flavor enhancers bread ever fortunate to meet meet up with.  They also add some beautiful brown specks in the bread visually.  It's a win, win, win for healthy, tasty and visually.

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When making whole wheat bread in a loaf pan, I spread a coating of butter in the pan and then toss the wheat bran around the pan to coat it - then put the loaf in the pan.  I've also added wheat bran at the end of kneading the loaf so it won't interfere as much with gluten development.  Just a few thoughts.