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Easter Breads

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Easter Breads

Dinner rolls...


Old fasion egg bread...


Cinnamon swirl egg bread...

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Those loaves and rolls look wonderful! That egg bread loaf looks like the perfect sandwich loaf... very, very nice. The swirl is so nice and even and rich looking.. and the rolls make you just want to reach out and grab a couple... Great baking JoeV! I bet everyone at your Easter table was appreciative and well fed.  

Happy Baking and Happy Easter.

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Thank you for your nice comments

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Bet the cinnamon swirl would make some fine French toast too!  Is Egg Bread like Challah?

Happy Baking JoeV

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Would you please share the recipes, if it is not too much bother? Thank you

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I'm more than happy to share the bread formulas. I have PDF files that I will email to anyone who wants them Just send me an email and I'll send them back. jvalencic at gmail dot com