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26 times in 7 weeks, thank you Floyd...

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26 times in 7 weeks, thank you Floyd...

What an amazing journey it's been! Obsessive much?

Made many newbie mistakes: dough too wet, dough too dry, over-knead, under-knead, over-proof, under-proof, nuked yeast solution(mmm, dense bread!), messy hands, made ghetto lame, rippled cuts, ugly cuts, shalow cuts, sausage cuts, finger cut (ow!), straight dough, preferment, mash, autolyze, poolish, biga, soup seed, rolls, loaves, croissants, Chinese steam buns, Hokkaido milk toast, raisin bread, flatbreads, pizzas, baguettes, ciabatta rolls, WW brick, melon bread, An Pan, banana bread, biscotti... short of burning out mixer and cracking oven glass. Starters, that's something I've not tried yet.

There's nothing quite like the magic of feeling the dough.

Floyd was right, majority of the experiments were quite edible, and I worked hard to keep up with my running.

Shout-out to Floyd and the collective wisdom here. I learned so much and having crazy fun.

So many breads, so little time...

Peace, out.


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Thank you, Larry!  

Keep it up! Your ciabatta looked great!

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Starters, that's something I've not tried yet.

          =  "Wow, the sex has been FANTASTIC.  I can't wait to try it with my clothes off!"

You've got some good times ahead.


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LOL! I'm scared...