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Calling all Tartine Bread Experts

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Calling all Tartine Bread Experts

Could any of you explain?

  1. After 4 hrs. of stretch and fold, can I refrigerate “final dough” in bulk (meaning not in proofing baskets)? If so, how long it could be refrigerated before baking? Can I freeze it?
  2. After you take the dough out from fridge how long, do you warm dough before final folding? How long do you proof after all?
  3. How long do you proof (in proofing baskets) if you don’t refrigerate?
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Barbara Krauss

Hi mj,

After the stretch and folds, I leave the dough out at room temp for another 2-3 hours of bulk fermentation, until it looks light and airy. After that I divide the dough, give it a half hour rest, then shape and refrigerate overnight.  Next morning, I take the loaves directly from the fridge, score, and put them right into a pre-heated oven.  I do not let them come to room temp before baking.  This is my routine and it works well for me.