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rapid rise or instant yeast

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rapid rise or instant yeast

Being new i am very vonfused about many things such as kneeding time.


 However yeast is on my mind now-- I can read the instructions on the fleischmans packets but what is the favorire and why please :)

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And many have their favorite brands, as well as types of yeast.  You will find many discusions on the topic, and many prefer fresh yeast, which is not as available as dry, and does not store well.  Active dry is the old type of dry yeast, which you would have to dissolve - you will see the term "proof the yeast" in old books, refering to dissolving the yeast in the water, with a pinch of sugar, no make sure it is good!  Some still prefer the active dry, but instant seems to be taking over, and active dry is not as easy to obtain.  And almost all books will call for instant in the recipes.

You definitely want to stop buying those packets of yeast!  This was one of the first ways I found to save money, and I bought 8 oz bags of active dry for 79 cents - the same as the three  1/4 oz packs of yeast!  I think it is even more of a rip-off now.  I buy a 1 lb bag of instant - no brand preference, I just buy it from whoever I am ordering from when I need it.  It lasts me a year in the fridge (I keep about a half cup jar out at room temp), and I order another when the year is up, even if a little is left - it gets a little slower, but it's still good.  I don't really notice the slowness, as the year goes on, but when I open a new one, it is obvious!

Rapid Rise is simply a trademaked brand of instant yeast, the first one on the market, that I remember.

Happy Baking!


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I buy mine at Sams or Costco in 2 one pound bags for less than $4!! I put some in a small screw top jar to keep in the fridge and freeze the rest. I take it out of the freezer when I need to refill my 8 ounce jar. It works GREAT!!! I have even used it AFTER the expiration date and have had NO problem with it at all!!

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Im getting the picture now :) Thanks