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Basic Sandwich Loaf Recipe

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Basic Sandwich Loaf Recipe

I want to make my own whole-wheat sandwich bread, but there are so many recipes... Which is the basic recipe (proportion of ingredients) for this kind of loaf, or can I use any recipe since I shape it as a sandwich bread? Some of the breads don't use any kind of fat or oil in their recipes, there's any sandwich loaf without any extra fat from butter, oil or shortening?

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Is this one, Honey Whole Wheat with Buttermilk, adapted from the Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book. Here's another, 

The basics, though, are that you want a hydration of 68% - 72%, depending on your flour. Milk and buttermilk (my preference) are nice, but water is fine. Typically a Tbs or two of butter per loaf, and a bit of sweetener -- I like a couple Tbs of honey per loaf. Salt is per a normal loaf.

The recipe above is my mainstay. I made one today, in fact! These days, I let it rise twice and then shape.

Good luck! 

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The Laurel's Buttermilk Bread I bake is per her recipe, using active dry yeast. I alternate with her Yogurt bread, my second favorite.