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Hello all from montreal

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Hello all from montreal

Hello all,


I am Eric, a 45 years old computer security professional who loves to do things himself with his own hands.   Be it  woodworking, knitting, cooking all kind of doughs, including of course bread.   Making fresh pasta for lasagna is easy, fun and good but bread making is a whole other thing.   It is becoming a passion.   I love to experiment so I never make twice the same bread.   In fac, I tend to barely measure my ingredients but I go more with the feeling of taste, odour, texture, warmth or cold, etc.   Of course, I observe results and try to improve.  I like cooking all kind of breads and there are just too many that I want to try, but for someone who loves to learn, bread is a perfect subject; everytime I do it, I learn something else....  :)

But the greatest pleasure I get from making bread is the pleasure it brings to my wife and kids.  I get a better reaction by serving hot and  fresh naan bread  than from any christmas gift I ever came come up with, besides perhaps hand knitted cashmere socks. ;)


I hope to learn a lot from you and look forward to reading your loaf stories.




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Another fellow woodworker!  I know what you mean about the baked gifts - people I know look forward to those breads and cookies I bake every year, and are always asking me if I'm baking so and so again.  And everyone likes being our taste testers - even if not perfect, they still like it, and it's fun spoiling them.


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From another Montrealer!  Baking bread certainly helps keep my mind off our never-ending winter.  I'll be making my buttermilk sourdough tomorrow, having refreshed the starter and left it to do its bubbly thing overnight.

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Lots of us Montrealers here. Having fun with cooking and baking is a treat in itself,  but you might want to start measuring, and taking notes as you go. Using the scientific method helps in developing new breads and makes it easier to pass formulae on to others.