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Looking for a French Pastry recipe called APPLE NESTS

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Looking for a French Pastry recipe called APPLE NESTS


A customer has challenged me to figure out how to make Apple Nests.  They used to buy them at a bakery called DiCamillo bakery in Niagara Falls, NY.  I have googled and emailed and no response.

My customer describes them as a flakey type yeasted dough with apple caramelized in them and on top.  She described them almost as a cinnamon roll structure but no cinnamon, just caramelized apple.

Has anyone had one of these and/or familiar with them.

I made some pain au lait dough and they were ok but more doughy than flakey.  I made some puff and tried it more as a puff snail but that didn't have height.


Thanks, Joanne

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This is all I can think of, probably wrong but worth a look.



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I'm sorry, Joanne, I've never heard of these myself either. What you describe makes me think of pain aux raisins with a caramelized apple filling instead of raisins. If you use a croissant dough or a laminated brioche dough, perhaps that would fit for "flakey type yeasted dough" and give you a bit more lift compared to puff?

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Stuart Borken

What this should be is a puff pastry cut into a square.  Sautee sliced apples in butter with cinnamon and when partly done place them in the center and then do a bringing up of the edges to make a free form apple tart like thing and bake this off and it is nested apples in a puff pastry.

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Try searching with "pommes au nid"...,