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Sourdough Parmesan/herb crackers

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Sourdough Parmesan/herb crackers

Favorite use so far for "discard" starter:

2.5 oz AP flour

2.5 oz WW flour (I've been using atta)

1 tsp kosher salt

1 tbsp herbes de provence (or rosemary, or what you will)

3 oz butter, cold, cut into 8 pieces

1 oz Parmesan cheese, shredded

8 oz leftover 100% hydration starter (add water as needed if you use a lower hydration starter)

I use a food processor for this; it's dead easy. A whisk, a pastry cutter & a wooden spoon should work too.

Pulse dry ingredients to mix. Add butter & cheese, pulse until the butter is cut into the flour & has a coarse-sand texture. Add starter & process until it just comes together as dough. Don't over-process.

Turn out, knead very briefly to form a ball. Put in a bowl, cover with plastic wrap, let sit at room temp for 8-12 hours. It should rise 50-75%. 

Cut dough ball in half, lightly flour  your work surface, & roll out each piece of dough very thin. Each piece should more than fill a 10" x 15" baking sheet (I usually have some left over).

Score with a pizza or pastry wheel, dock, cover with plastic wrap & let sit at room temp for 2-3 hours. Bake @ 350°f for about 20 minutes, turning sheets as needed for even baking. Towards the end you will probably need to take the done ones at the edges of the pans out & let the middle pieces finish. Keep a close eye towards the end of baking; they go from done to burnt very quickly.

They are ridiculously good.



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They sound ridiculously good, will try them this weekend. Thanks!

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Looks good enough to try! Thanks for sharing.

Crackers from sourdough discard is a great idea. I've done crepes from discard too: just an egg, butter, milk, maybe some more flour if you want, dash of salt.  

Question about your recipe: can you explain why  to process the flour + butter + cheese? Is there a reason to do this instead of  just melt the butter, and then just wazz everything in the processor? 

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You could melt the butter first; I've made these crackers with olive oil instead of butter. I think I did it this way because when I first made crackers, I realized, hey, crackers are sort of just lousy pie crust! So I cut the butter in à la pie crust. But this ferments at room temp, and I don't think the butter really stays in little chunks like it would in pie crust.

It's quite a flexible recipe. Another thing I like to do is dose it with Indian spices (turmeric, garam masala & cayenne) & top it with black cumin seeds.

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Hi there,

just wondering, what flour do you feed your starter? Mine is a WW, so does that mean i'll need to add less WW flour and more plain flour, or stick to the same proportions as per recipe?

Many thanks

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My starter is AP flour. I'm sure it would work either way. The first version of this I made was with 2.5 oz white whole wheat & 2.5 oz atta (finely ground whole grain durum), olive oil instead of butter, & no cheese. The recipe above is the rather more decadent version.