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Bread shapes

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Bread shapes


 Just bought the book "Flour Water Salt Yeast" by Ken forkish. After seeing the picture of the boule on the cover how could you NOT buy it?

Am itching to get started but will have to wait until this weekend which gives me time to find out about bread shapes.

My wife who loves real bread (as I do) has pointed out that the boule shape isn't the greatest when it comes to making sandwiches so was wondering if the collective wisdom here knows of a way to adapt Ken Forkish's process to get a more traditional shaped loaf? A scout of Amazon and my ususal kitchen suppliers hasn't thrown up any suitable ironware.

Oxford, England

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And use a couche for the proofing stage (I use ridged placemats as a makeshift couche). You'll find a lot of suggestions for the batard (torpedo) shape, which is a lot more practical for normal sized sandwiches.


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wayne on FLUKE

I make sourdough for sandwiches in my Romertopf clay baker. I assume effect is similar to cast iron. Slices are not identical but I like the bigger slices in the center and others like the smaller ones.

See following discussion for more info and pics.


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Mini Oven

as far as I know just about any shaped bread can make a sandwich.  (Link to sandwich images)

(Open faced link)  and then there are   (pretzel sandwiches)    (rolls too!!!)

Guess you gotta pick out what you want in or on your sandwich.  


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Now Mini,

You know that was cruel and unusual punishment! Now I must make myself a sandwich. Dawg gone your bad self!

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Mini Oven

I did think about it

but when I re-read the original post, decided a meek shake up was ordered for "the city of spires."  (I got a little rebel in me.)  :)

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Mini Oven

I guess it comes down to any shape that you choose will make a good sandwich.  (crumb is a different discussion)  If you chose a big shape, cut it to fit.  

A long shape would make more uniform slices but round can also be managed, rolls have more crust.  There is always a way to make most things work.  I have a soft spot for pretzel sandwiches but that might have to do with the fact that I'm a crust lover.