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Michelles (small miches) - the right flour at last (UK)

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Juergen Krauss

Michelles (small miches) - the right flour at last (UK)


Along with croissants, the miches (Hamelman and Shiao-Pings post Miche Gerard Rubaud, the post that initially lured me into TFL) felt quite out of reach, and I had as many failures as trials.

Recently I ordered a bag of 

Bacheldre Watermill Organic Stoneground Strong Unbleached White Flour

in the belief it was strong white flour.

Well, it is actually high extraction flour, and at last I managed to make Hamelman's Miche Pointe-A-Caillere with it.

It is just the right stuff for this bread. The dough handles like a treat (at 85%  hydration).

And the result -veeeery tasty. My 7-year-old gobeled down 2 slices (topped with marmalade) and even made his way through the crust!

Here is what it looks like:

And here the crumb:

I made two little 500g miches, are they michelles then, or maybe michettes?

And here is the man who REALLY loves daddy's bread:




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All young men should like their Dad's bread if it was as good as yours.  What a cute guy!  Looks like an apprentice in training?

Nice baking!


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Juergen Krauss

Last tuesday I took half a day off work to look after him - I found myself looking after him plus 3 girls from the neighborhood.

What to do?


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instead of michelettes.   Great that you got a hold of the high extraction flour even if not on purpose.   And you knew just what to do with it.   Nice baking.  -Varda

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Juergen Krauss

Thank you, Varda.

One of the most fragrant loaves I made so far (last week, in fact) was a 60% rye with 20% high extraction wheat and 20% wholegrain spelt.

I will make a bigger miche tomorrow.


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Beautiful looking bread.  You're son knows a good slice of bread when he sees or I should say tastes it!



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Juergen Krauss

I made Hamelman's Oatmeal bread once, and he refuesed to even try it because it looked too "shop-bought".

dmsnyder's picture

Whatever you call them.

Do make a 2 kg version, though. I think the big loaves have more depth of flavor.

I would caption the photo of your handsome son "Comfort Food."


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Juergen Krauss

Making a 100g loaf today.

Thanks a lot for your kind comment,



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What a priceless shot of your son!

Your loaf are very nice too.  I know how rewarding it is to finally 'get' something after many trials and errors.  The fun is in the trying and the reward - when it all comes together at last.

Thanks so much for the lovely post.

Take Care,


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Juergen Krauss

is a happy family.

Thank you,


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Hi Juergen,

Wonderful baking! The crumb looks great; a dough that's been perfectly developed. And great to see that your spoiling your loved ones with excellent bread (and that they know to appreciate it)!

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Juergen Krauss

Hansjoakim, Greatly appreciated!

Raluca's picture

Your michettes look delish! Will have to get some of that flour to experiment with ;). Thanks for sharing your experience!

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Juergen Krauss

Thank you, Raluca.

Remind me, are you in the UK?

ananda's picture

Hi Juergen,

Good to see you post again; these are mighty fine loaves!

If you can achieve 85% extraction, I guess this flour must be significantly higher % extraction than any standard white flour; any ideas on the actual, or if not any ash content quoted?

All good wishes


Juergen Krauss's picture
Juergen Krauss

and thank you for your praise!

This flour is dark! It really reminds me of the 85% Salkeld flourI got some time ago, only then I was clueless about how to make the best of it.

I didn't get round to contact Bacheldre yet (no need to buy more flour at the moment), but I want to contact them before my next purchase.

I hope you are getting some rest.

Best Wishes,


lumos's picture

So, when are you start teaching your son how to bake bread? :p

Lovely boy and good looking bread!  

Really appreciate this post as I've been wondering what that flour is like.  Great source of info from someone I can trust. Thank you. :)

Juergen Krauss's picture
Juergen Krauss

About a year ago, at his school when they were making bread, he was telling his teachers that his dough was too dry ...

Thank youn hope to get together again soon,


Mebake's picture

Beautiful little boules Juergen! and a perfect flour choice. The crumb is spot on for the Miche de callier.

Juergen Krauss's picture
Juergen Krauss

fell from the sky!

Thank you very much Khalid,


Salilah's picture

Your son - and the bread!!

Thanks for suggestion - will investigate this flour

Juergen Krauss's picture
Juergen Krauss


I am sure you will enjoy it.