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A totally new meaning to the word "sponge" in baking!

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A totally new meaning to the word "sponge" in baking!

Look at this - can you believe it? I almost lost it!


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That made me laugh out loud.  Thank you,


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did they achieve that consistency? My kitchen sponge would have disintegrated.


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Even my worst brick would not compare to that! The bread on the video should have been a show prop for the Three Stooges!! (Am I dating myself??)

Does Julian even know of the existence of that video?? Do they ever even try their own product??

That was just unbelievable!!

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Wow...that was pretty amazing.  I don't think I could even figure out how to make a bread like that, not that I would want to.

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And to think they sell that bread as 'healthy' bread.  Give me a good piece of SF Sourdough anyday.


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I wonder if goats would like it.   Thanks for posting - that gave me a laugh. 

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Smart Carb #2 Cinnamon Raisin (5 Net Carbs) 

"Julian Bakery’s New Formula For Cinnamon Raisin Smart Carb #2 is without a doubt the healthiest and tastiest raisin loaf on the market. This bread is loaded with delectable nutrients and healthy benefits. Get your dose of Cinnamon Raisin bliss with Smart Carb #2 in the morning. Amazing flavor, texture softness this is the best bread you will ever eat."  (And this beauty is only $ 7.99 per 1.5 lb loaf).

Ingredients: Non-GMO Wheat Protein Isolate, *Oat Fiber, Sprouts of *Kamut, *Spelt, *Rye, *Lentils, *Sesame Seeds, *Millet, *Quinoa, *Amaranth, *Organic Cage Free Eggs, Cinnamon, Raisins, Yeast & Sea Salt.  *Organically Grown.

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Note how they say ""non-GMO Wheat Protein Isolate".  Their customer base would probably have a conniption if they just wrote "gluten" instead.

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Wheat protein isolate obviously is the ingredient that gives these otherwise gluten free bread the property to rise.  It is listed in the first place, so it must be the main ingredient of the bread. So much for the "all natural". I guess that accounts for the rubbery consistence:

"Wet-processing of wheat flour yields two important co-products: starch and gluten (protein). Wheat gluten (also known in commerce as vital wheat gluten) typically contains seventy-five percent protein (dry basis) and is classified as a wheat protein concentrate. Further processing of this gluten, either by mechanical means or solubilization in the presence of processing aids followed by centrifugation or filtration, typically yields a higher protein product (approximately ninety percent, dry basis) using a nitrogen conversion factor of 6.25. Due to elevated protein content, the product is classified as a wheat protein isolate. Different versions of wheat protein isolates can be manufactured that have varied elastic and extensibility properties after hydration. Food applications are primarily in bakery products and pasta. (Source: MGP Ingredients)

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They could sell each slice as a sponge for a quarter each, 4 in pack for a buck and make a fortune.

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and make even more profit :)


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Who knew that Saturday Night Live humor would come to life in a loaf of bread, LOL.

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My favorite part was that he didn't feed it to his pigs, because he didn't want to risk losing them.


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Mini Oven

glued with a cross bun stitch!   A four kilo miche could make place mats!  Or focaccia seat covers, Yes!  What about a slice in the car for a steamy windshield  or bike seat covers?    Kaiser roll sofa pillows.   Just about anything that can be done... oh no... I'm out of here!  Danger of mind overload!

Probably switched with a shipment to a movie studio.  (fake food link)   check out the price on the baskets at the bottom of the page!  or a slice of bread > $6 

Maybe I go back into plastics... 

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Somebody else found this low carb claim suspicious:

Mini, you are very creative - they should hire you as marketing specialist!


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Mini Oven

No wonder it acts like silicone.   I'll stick to my rye.