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keeping dough in the fridge before using

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Aberdeenshire Quine

keeping dough in the fridge before using

I put this on the end of another thread on the same topic but no-one has replies, so I'll see if a new question helps. Sorry if I'm being repetitive.

When you talk about putting the dough in the fridge, at what stage are you doing that? Before or after the first rise? before or after the second rise?

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Your question must have been missed. People are REALLY good about answering on here, so give them some time and they will get back to you. My understanding of it is to put the dough in after you have punched it down after the first rise and formed it. Then putting it into the fridge for a slow or retarded second rise. I haven't had much success myself with it except in Cinnamon rolls, but it seems to be a good thing for the flavor of alot of the sourdough recipes on here. 

I hope this helps.


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Aberdeenshire Quine

Thank you. Sorry if I'm too impatient.

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I had shaped my loaves and put them into pans one night, then realised it was too late to bake so I put them all into the fridge.  They baked up beautifully the next morning.

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My understanding is that thou can retard dough in the bulk fermentation phase OR the final proofing stage but not both.  Depends on the bread and why you are doing it,  I have done it both ways.  Always seems to add flavor.


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Hi lisa,

There are no rules about this - it all depends on what is happenind with the dough - While it's more common to do the intial bulk fermentation cold - and then let come to room temp shape proof and bake - but this is not always the case - for example when I am baking several loafs and one is proofing too soon for me - I put it in the fridge to slow it down - Also Hammelman says about doughs coming to room temp before baking - not always the case either - he says " Bake it when it is ready"  so if you have a dough retarding in the Fridge and its ready - if you let it sit out for another hr it will be over proofed.  Some times I have to leave the house so I slow things down with the fridge at any stage - The art of time and temp :)

Kevin @

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Aberdeenshire Quine

This is really useful. I think the answer is "suck it and see", so I'll do just that!