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Hammelmann's formula Vermont SD

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Hammelmann's formula Vermont SD

By helping a friend starting her SD baking I myself got the courage to experiment. My friend likes the flavour of San Francisco SD so we experimented with fermentation. My starter is 2 years old, fed with rye and very healthy. I gave some to my freind and she has  changed it to a wheat starter.  She then added some whole wheat flour to the final dough.We fermented one of her breads for final fermentation 3 days in the fridge. When she took it out it collapsed but it rose again nicely in the oven. flavour: not much different from the one we did a regular bulk and final fermentation. Not at all what she is looking for.

then I did my own: used my rye starter, did 2 feedings with BF, added to the final dough some rye flour and did a 48 hour bulk fermentation in the fridge. I let the dough wake up 1 1/2 hour before shaping and did a final fermentation of about 2 hours. Oven was preheated to 450F, I baked @375F 20 min with steam and 25 min @350F. As you see I baked in the bread pan and with low heat in order to accommodate my husband's and friend's view of " real "bread :) .

I have to say I am very pleased with the outcome: still not so sour like my friend is looking for but it has a nice soft tang (enough for me) and a very nice texture. Even my hubby likes it (I think square helps lol)!) I was very unsure about bulk fermentation in the fridge and how to handle the dough next but after this experiment I am pretty confident.

Thanks to the member here who posted about his bulk fermentation in the fridge.(Sorry, I read so much, I don't know anymore who it was)