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New from IA with a lot to learn!

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New from IA with a lot to learn!

Hello everybody!

Here is why I am here..... Never ever baked a loaf of bread before and thought it is something I need to figure out.  I have made homebrew beer for several years, done a fair amount of meat smoking (making salami, brats, pulled pork, etc) I helped one of my sons buddies Dad build a brick oven last summer.  He makes some very good pizzas in it, so that got me the bug to build a brick oven of my own!  That will be this summers project. Which brought me here because I would like to be able to do way more then just pizza.  I figured a place like this would have some people that built there own ovens and a lot of tips and tricks for making bread etc.  I have some winter wheat I planted for a food plot and have even considered getting a mill to try to make my own flour... maybe!




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I don't know anything about brick ovens, but there have been some amazing ones described on this forum.  I, too, have a background in homebrewing, but not much lately.  For a year I fermented kefir and made quark, but that too fell by the wayside.  The heat was too much for the culture in the summertime, and the cost of milk got too high.  These days I just bake 100% whole wheat sourdough sandwich bread for myself and my husband.  I mill the flour myself, but I don't grow the grain.  Flour is a lot less trouble to make than grain is to grow!  *smile*


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Although I don't have a brick oven (yet!) I have tried growing both winter wheat and winter rye. The wheat was mostly a failure - we planted it on some low-quality soil and although it grew it was very, very stunted. Needless to say, attempting to harvest knee-high wheat is not enjoyable. The rye worked really well; it was wicked easy to grow although harvesting and threshing it was a workout (we did everything by hand) and I think we'll be looking for a more efficient system for next time. Since my boyfriend and I do not actually understand the concept of "moderation" I now have a 5 gallon bucket full of rye berries that I have been grinding for baking. I have an old hand-crank coffee grinder that I've been using, so, again, I'm going to want an upgrade in sophistication at some point. But - it's so delicious!! I've been mostly baking a no-knead sourdough-like bread with it and I absolutely love having my own home-grown, hand-ground flour to use. The ultimate is when I pair the fresh bread with some home-made tomato jam - total satisfaction! Good luck with your projects!