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Whole Weat Starter Smells Off

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Whole Weat Starter Smells Off

So I have a WW starter going with 100% hydration that is a little over a month old. I have been feeding it twice daily for about 3 weeks give or take a few days where I was only able to feed once daily. It doubles in size within 4 hours. Just recently I have noticed that before my feedings, it smells somewhat like feet. I know it's a weird comparison but that is what I got. No mold or funky color to it just a weird smell. I have kept this starter at room temp since it was created. Any suggestions as to what it could be and is this starter safe to use, etc. I have an AP flour that I have used but not the WW one yet.

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Mini Oven

Let the starter reach maximum peak or rise and start to level off or fall down a little before finally reducing and feeding.  I would suspect that the starter is being overfed or can't eat thru the flour food before being diluted with more food.  Let the acid in the starter build a little more before feeding so your good starter bacteria can fight off the stinky stuff.  See if that helps it.  

I would first skip the next feeding.  Then reduce the amount of flour you are feeding (what is it by the way?) or increase the amount of starter you are feeding.  

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Agree with Mini, in my experience whole grain starters need a larger seed and need to be fed later in the cycle, well after the peak.