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D. Leader's Whole Spelt Loaf (Local Breads)

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D. Leader's Whole Spelt Loaf (Local Breads)

It looks like I have some challenges with Leader's recipes.  I wanted to bake this Spelt loaf with SD, so I used his measurements without giving it a closer look.

this is the recipe:

SD   50gr  (I elaborated with spelt flour)

water  275gr

Honey 50gr

spelt flour 500gr

salt 10gr.

according to DL the bulk fermentation should be about 2-21/2 hours. My dough took 7 hours ,in oven withthe light on.  When I took a closer look at the recipe I realized that 50gr. SD is only 10% of the total flour amount. Wouldn't 30-40% SD give me the mentioned bulk fermentation of 2-21/2 hours?( My rye starter is very active)

But after all , I believe the bread turned out quite well and has a wonderful flavour.

This is the 2. recipe I have the challenge with the amount of SD. Do I miss something? Any idea is appreciated.


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That recipe is messed up.   My recollection is that you need to double time (or amount of sour) to make it work.   Breadcetera or breadtopia, don't remember which site, but the one with videos has a whole spelt recipe which looks exactly like Leader's with all kinks ironed out.

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thanks suave. I thought so too.