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Have starter, need recipe

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Have starter, need recipe

After weeks of nursing my barely living starter back to health, I am ready to bake.  Does anyone have a foolproof sourdough bread recipe that uses no commercial yeast that I could try?

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I started out baking sourdough with the bread alone book. I posted the basic recipe on another thread...


Good luck!  I have my starter perking as we speak :) 

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you can get  recipes for sourdough bread   from this website:


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Thanks zainaba22 for the link,  always happy to learn more about sourdough.  And now I have another site to peruse.

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I have used this recipe for a long time for pizza dough - which, by the way, makes the most awesome pizza. After searching for ages for the perfect bread dough, I realized I had it under my nose the whole time! At least, it's perfect for me and what I like in dough. It's 75% hydration so it's not too sticky and has a wonderful texture with a nice crust. Super easy to make, which is great.

16oz flour (I use a combination of King Arthur AP and whole wheat)

1.5 cups water

1.5 tsp salt

1/2 cup sourdough starter (4oz)


Mix flour and water, let rest for 10 minutes, add salt and starter, knead for 5 or 10 minutes, let rise in room temp until doubled (8 hours). If I was making pizza, at this point I would stretch it and add ingredients and bake at 450, but if I'm making bread I shape it, let it rise some more, slash it, then bake it.


I have found this dough to be a great basic sourdough dough. Easy to add stuff to or tweak. I like Floyd's concept of the daily bread recipe - this would be mine. It's what I start with every time so it's easy to see how my changes affect the overall product. 

Good luck!