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Looking for feedback

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Looking for feedback

Looking for feedback

I tried out Jeff Hamelman's Pain au Levain WW recipe last night and I was hoping someone could give me feedback on how to improve the texture and the flavor. I know it's tough to critique flavor here, but the loaf was lacking in any hint of sour. It was soft and moist. The crust was a little thick, but certainly in what I consider the success range.

My q's are:

What can I do to improve/generate sour?

How can I get the large "bubbles" to be created in the center of the loaf?

I used a 100% ww starter @ 60% hydration. I only varied from the written recipe in the baking part. I used my dutch oven @465F.

Thanks for any input

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A whole wheat starter is by nature milder than a rye starter. It's my default for sourdough breads that shouldn't be too tangy, (like many of Peter Reinhart's whole grain breads).

Though I'm no great friend of sweetener in breads, I found that 100% whole wheat breads taste better with an addition of honey. (Of, course, than you will not have those large holes.)

This particular bread from "Bread" is no favorite of mine, same as I found the his white Pain au Levain too mild. I don't think there is anything wrong with your crumb, though.