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New baker's luck?

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New baker's luck?

Hello! I've recently taken up baking in lieu of my quitting smoking. I started with cooking, pots of pork and beans, chili and such. But then made flat-dumplings for a southern style chicken and dumplings. From there, I thought, "Why not try bread!" and began by making a loaf of rye bread. It was a little confusing and such to someone like me who didn't really know any lingo.. But my third attempt at bread was sourdough. I looked into everything I could find and found a little starter recipe from and worked with that.

My results so far have been met with raving reviews from family. :)

It was really delicious! And I plan to continue trying new things with sourdough. Lately baking has been one of the most interesting things I've come across. This from a 24 year old man who usually just raves about coffee and video games! :))) And I hope to contribute to this site more in the future.

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Great looking loaf!  Welcome to the site!


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Nice baking and welcome to TFL.  You've found the right place if want to bake bread.  Nothing like it.  Looking forward to your next bake!  So how did you bake your first SD bread?  Sure looks blistered, nicely brown and crusty.  How sour is it?

Happy baking

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I followed an instructables page, but I don't own a cast iron pot.. I used a roasting pan instead! I goofed and put oil in it for pre-heating... So.. that smoked up. BUT it gave a nice smokey crust! I wouldn't try to duplicate it again though. The starter at the time was only 4 days old, I'm starting another loaf tonight and about.. I'd say the starter is 2 weeks now. Smellin' strong and bubbling time to time!


Also made a pizza crust with it. Good stuff!  And thanks for the welcome. :)