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Hello and thank you, from Aberdeen, Scotland

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Aberdeenshire Quine

Hello and thank you, from Aberdeen, Scotland

I've baked a wee bit for years. I'm now trying to bake more, and buy less. Bought a couple of books. Bought a machine (although I want to bake mostly by hand).

I've been browsing your site for some weeks now. It's great.

I've summoned up the courage to ask a question, and a couple more are formulating in the back of my head.

Thanks for creating and maintaining the site.

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Welcome aboard.

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If the folks here can't help you, then there is no answer for your particular bread problem :-)

My mother had  pen pal from WW2 in Aberdeen Scotland, a common thing during the war years.  But they kept at it and visiting each other here and there several times until my Mom passed. 


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My great grandmother immigrated to the USA from Aberdeen, Scotland.

Welcome and happy baking, cousin!    : )

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This Day

Welcome, Aberdeen Quine!  My father emigrated from Scotland to the U.S. A. as a young man.   As a young single person I visited his relatives in Kincardineshire.  When they spoke to each other and to their neighbors I was introduced to many words I'd never heard before, among them "quine" and "loon."  My husband and I visited Scandinavia many years later, and I was surprised to hear many of those same words, although I don't recall hearing "quine" and "loon."


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Aberdeenshire Quine

Thank you for your welcome. I look forward to hearing more from you all later:)

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Aberdeenshire Quine

Is there a way to stop getting email notifications of answers? The box asking for them in my account is unchecked, but I still seem to be getting them