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Thank you, TT

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Thank you, TT

Thank you for the kind offer, TT, but it was logging on that was giving me grief - pictures will be waaaay down the road. I seem to have beaten the computer into submission and didn't get any rude messages this evening. I only hope this doesn't show up twice because I went to preview and lost what I had written. I want to thank Weavershouse for the pizza recipe and great pictures. In a weak moment I invited my grandaughters to sleep over tomorrow night, and I decided we can make individual pizzas for supper. Margaret and Lily will enjoy making a mess and hopefully we will eat well. Of course I could be in big trouble because they get pizza at home, and as you know, comparisons are odorous. (How funny, I always thought it was "odious".) So the dough is sitting in the frig, next to a batch of pate fermentee for Pane Sicilian from the BBA. Can we spell obsession? I made the Pane Sicilian on Monday and really like working with the pate fermentee which I had never tried before. The loaves looked wonderful when I took them out of the frig - and then I practically ruined them by having the oven shelf too high. The tops were almost charred, but it didn't slow the family down. They devoured one loaf before supper with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and said it was the best thing I had made so far. I wasn't happy about the almost disaster, hence the second attempt. Film at 11, A


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I hope your pizza's come out spectacular.  Im sure your grandkids will have a blast.  I think my kids love their pizzas more just because they get to dress them up themselves.  I make them each a pie about 8-10" across, and put out little bowls of cheese, chopped up mushrooms, pepperoni, black olives, ham, onions,  and pineapple, and let them have their way.

They love it.  My eldest likes the pineapple and ham on hers.  My youngest is partial to cheese, and mushrroms.  My wife and I use up a mixture of the rest.  The looks on my kids faces when they come out of the oven is one of sheer pride.  They feel all happy about how their creation came out.  And its a great time.

As for worrying about double posts, dont.  Mistakes happen, I make them all the time.  And it doesnt look like yours did.  Your getting the hang of it just fine....pretty soon you'll be zipping around throwing up photos and teaching others some tricks.

Have a great day Annie