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Rice Flour - Basket Dusting - Wow!

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Greg D

Rice Flour - Basket Dusting - Wow!

I am thrifty (to a fault) so when I see recipes or articles that recommend I buy extra non-essential items I usually ignore them.  So when I saw various baking books recommend using rice flour to dust proofing baskets, I just smiled and continued to use all purpose flour like I have always done.  But this weekend I happened to see rice flour for sale in the bulk foods department at my grocery store so I purchased 8 ounces.  I used a little bit of the rice flour to dust my proofing baskets for today's bake and I have to say I am absolutely amazed at how well it worked - much, much better than all purpose flour.  The proofed loaves released instantly from the baskets, including one basket that I have battled with for 20 years.  If you haven't tried rice flour, treat yourself.  A very good thing.

Happy Baking!

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It makes things so much easier; you don't need to use much, and I probably only redust every 3-4 proofs!

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it comes in both brown and white for those who want to match bag and shoes :-)

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beware ! the oriental section of your grocery most likely has "Mochiko Rice Flour" .. ignore it. it's a glutinous rice flour and is very very gummy. Bob's Red Mill has both whit and brown rice flout and you nearest Whole Foods has it in bulk.