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How to bake multiple loaves of Jim Lahey's Rye Bread

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How to bake multiple loaves of Jim Lahey's Rye Bread

Hello my fellow Breadbakers:)

I have been baking Artisan Bread now for the past 6 months quite successful. Now at work everyone wants a loaf of bread. I have been baking mainly Jim Lahey's Rye Bread and was wondering how do I multiply the recipe and what about the Dutch Oven??? How do I bake more than one loaf at a time in a regular kitchen oven?

Should I follow a 80 % flour rule?? I would appreciate any advice you all could give me.


Thank you very much.

Ute a novice from NJ :)

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I've been using a slightly modified version of Lahey's rye for several years.  There's a couple of ways you can go.  You can purchase more Dutch Ovens or you can time your loaves so that one loaf is proofing while the other is baking.  I have six 4 qt. oval Dutch Ovens which is all I can fit in the oven.  With these six I can bake eighteen loaves a night in a little over three hours.

     If you're resting and proofing your loaves for and hour and fifteen minutes and baking for forty-five, set your second loaf up thirty minutes  before you put the first one in the oven and then you can bake the second loaf and the D.O. will be pre-heated for you.





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Mini Oven

That might be one way to pack in many loaves in a small spot.  The link is in German:

She posted on this rainbowz inquiry: