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Semonlina Bread (Hamelman) - Oven spring

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Semonlina Bread (Hamelman) - Oven spring

Hello everybody,

I just bought the second edition of Hamelman's Bread.

My question is about oven spring. Since there are hardly pictures in the book, I wonder if every bread should have an oven spring.

I made the Rye Sourdough bread and it was beautiful! A nice ear, the crust open, ... 

Then I made the Semoline sourdough bread (with liquid levain) but there is no oven spring (almost none, no ear, ...).

Is that normal? How to tell if a bread should have an oven spring (based on the formula maybe?).

Or was my bread poorly baked?

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Do you have a recipe? 

are you sure your levain was active and you had enough gluten available and that the dough wasn't overproofed prior to baking> 


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Here is is the formula / recipe:

Adapted from Jeffrey Hamelman’s Bread: a baker’s book of techniques and recipesMake 2 large loaves


IngredientsOverall formulaBaker’s Percentage
Bread flour363 g40%
Durum flour544 g60%
Water607 g67%
Salt17 g2%
Sesame seeds, toasted45 g5%
Total weight1576 g174%


Liquid levain buildBread flour 136 gWater 170 gMature culture (liquid) 28 gFinal doughBread flour 227 gDurum flour 544 gWater 437 gSalt 17 g (1T)Sesame seeds, toasted 45 gLiquid levain 306 g (all less 2 T)