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Pascal Pinaud Baguettes

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Pascal Pinaud Baguettes

Pascal Pinaud's baguettes in Paris are killer and I am wondering if anyone knows if his recipe/method is written up anywhere?

Here is a link to a picture of his baguettes:




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Most baguettes made in France use a preferment. I have Hammelmans traditional recipe that most Parisian bakers use.

Im going to list the bakers percent since if I listed the weight you would end-up with 20 kilos of dough.


pre-fermented flour = 33%

flour 100

water 100

yeast .2

Overall Formula

flour 100

water 67

salt 2

yeast 1.1

total 170.1%


Mix poolish and leave at room temperature intill ripe. Adjust yeast according to conditions.

Add all ingrediants to mixing bowl. Mix on first speed for 3 min to incorporate. Mix on second speed for 3 min to moderate gluten development.

desired dough temp 75 degrees F

Bulk ferment for 2 hours with a fold after 1 hour

divide dough and preshape, allow to relax.

final shape

let proof, about 1 hour

steam oven, load dough, steam again

bake at 230 degrees C

time depends on dough weight and shape


I know this may mean nothing to most. I find the standard 400g baguette is to big for a home oven. so use 200g works nicely.

for 4 200g demi-baguettes

800g total dough weight

conversion factor of 1.701

overall formula

 flour 470.31g

water 315.11g

salt 9.41g

yeast 5.17g

poolish (remember it says 33% of flour preferment)

flour 155.20g

water 155.20g

yeast .31g (just a really small amount, not even a pinch)

This is probaly going to take an overnight rise to reach any potential say around 12 hours.

final dough

flour 315.11

water 159.91

salt 9.41

yeast 4.86

all the poolish


Happy baking



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Thank you MANNA!  I have made Hammelmans and also Reinhart's poolish baguettes before and they do come out really nice.

But, I believe that Pascal Pinaud's baguettes are not made with a poolish but with a traditional starter.

I know he taught at Le Cordon Bleu and was wondering if anyone here knows if his methods are witten up in a book somewhere or if there were lucky enough to have been taught by him.