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How did they get this scoring on the bread?

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How did they get this scoring on the bread?

Ok, I have seen this a couple time while researching Italian bread.  I think its called turtle bread for the design.  I just cant figure out how they go the cuts in the dough ball.   No way it was done by hand.    If it was flat I guess you could press a mold but its ball shaped.  Any idea?


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I don't recall seeing that exact pattern before but it was almost certainly achieved by using a roll stamp.

There are many places on the internet that sell these "stampers", but you will probably need to do a bit of searching to find one that matches that pattern exactly. Quite possible that the precise match is from Italy, and may be impractical (for an individual)to order.

Readily available roll stamps available in the U.S.(one example among many):

Other places to look are Fantes, SFBI, etc.

Good luck.

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They used a honeycomb stamp. You shape the loaf. Let it relax for say 30 min. Then press the stamp into it almost all the way through. Let it final rise and bake.

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Thanks, that makes sense.  I figred it was some kind of stamp, but that only works on a flat surface.  so I guess the rise pushes it back out.  I will have to try this soon.  My only other thought was that they stamp it, cut it into smaller squares then sort of ball it by tucking the corners under. 

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I may try to make a hexagonal cutter to be pressed multiple times into the dough, starting with an empty tomato sauce (or paste) can, sawn in half and then bent into the honeycomb shape.

Amazon sells a set of hexagon cookie cutters in 6 sizes that might work.