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Dusting cloth with Flour

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Dusting cloth with Flour

Following a disaster the other day with dough sticking to my bread flour sprinkled cloth in a colander, I decided to purchase some rice flour for the purpose. The release results are great and having the rice flour I was checking out TFL in relation to this particular flour. 

I've noticed it mentioned here that some use 50/50 all purpose/rice flour and some 100% rice flour. Why are some using 50/50? I tried with 100%.

I've not tried the latest bake yet as this is about to come out of the oven, but at some point in the past I seam to have lost a crunchy crust and I can't remember when. The point is that this started when I increased my hydration to 70% and used the lined colander. I think a softer crust started then. 

Does the use of bread/ap flour used in the liner causes a softer crust. I do steam the oven, though being domestic, it's not ideal.