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Best Bread Ever, Really

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Best Bread Ever, Really

Make a flour mix, 2.5% whole wheat, 10% dark rye, the remainder first clear flour. Grow a starter with said flour mix. Two days before baking bulk up starter sufficient to meet the next sentences requirements. Day before baking mix a dough using 40% starter, 90% hydration (really) and flour mix. Autolyze for an hour, add 2% salt, lazily stretch and fold for a day. Form boules, place into linen lined baskets heavily dusted with 50/50 rice flour/AP flour. Let rise for about an hour and then retard under refrigeration overnight. Heat oven to 450-500 degrees with whatever pots you are used to using for the no-knead trend. I use 1 gallon cast iron pots and 1 kg loaves. Turn dough out of baskets, slash, and bake off 30 minutes in the covered pots, and 20 minutes on a stone. Don’t eat until at least the next day, as the flavors need to develop. If you can bake a better bread than this you got me beat. 

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Maybe it could be better if it had beer in it?  Just sayin'!  :)


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Mini Oven

Gotta love rye flour!   :)   

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up to at least 50% including spelt, rye, and WW ( including the starter), add in some sprouts and a soaker along with some seeds (some aromatic) and nuts,  with some figs or prunes and let it autolyse and retard for 24 hours and you would be getting close to not quite the best :-)

Sounds fairly good for a plain, almost white bread though!

Happy Baking

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I do a wholegrain too, but your fig/prune comment makes we want to add dried fruit to it... maybe dates?