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My 1st Bread ever

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My 1st Bread ever

My 1st Bread ever

The PICTURE on my photo site >!i=2337590014&k=BgqrdMd&lb=1&s=O

Hi. This is my first ever home baked bread. Made in a new Black & Decker bread making machine. It came out low on one side high on the other. The inside taste was not bad but I found a word that matched the consitance as "gummy".  The booklet said do NOT open under any condition. I think I should not have believed that. Now I read that taking the dow out and reshaping it before the baking process would not be a bad thing.  I add here my recipe underneath from the booklet with a few changes I made . (We do NOT like white plane bread) I the only whole weath flower I found at Saveway was "whole grain barley flower".

The only things I could think off my head are: maybe I added to much of if and did and not add more yeast. What do you think?

I like my seeds inside my bread and not only outside on the crust where they seem to fall off when cut or eaten.

So I mixed all my seeds into the dow from the beginning. Does that affect the rising ?

Naturally any advise is welcome and much appreciated. Thank you.

I just finished my 2nd bread it still hot. I took the dow out transferred into a teflon container lined with a bit of oil and flower and it looked much better. Have not cut and tasted yet ..must cool down first and taste tomorrow morning.


 Program setting: 1 (white)

WHITE BREAD 3-bl loaf

2cups of water (80-90degree F)

4 T spoon of butter in pieces

2 1/2 t spoon of salt

4 T spoon

5 1/2 cups of Bread flower

(changed to 3 cups white bread flower and 2 1/2 cups of whole grain barley flower)

1 1/4 t spoon bread machine yeast

+ ADDED for taste

2 T spoon of dry onion flakes

1 T spoon of Parmesan & herbs

1 T spoon sunflower kernels


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My 2nd bread experience

I RE-posted all this not for exposure or fame :-) but I find it really hard to find the how and where my previous "posts" are on the site within the "account"  and who knows

maybe this format is better to get more advise or writing in a longer bread journey. Thank.

@"Cranbo" and "Mini Oven".  Thank you for taking the time to advise and reply to directly. I did not know at all that Barley flour did not contain Gluten. It was just when I went to Safeway to get flower the only WHOLE WEAT I saw was that one.. I just like any kind of "darkish, brown, grey breads I don't like white bread unless a French Baguette from time to time .. Just want to avoid any kind of white bread for weight gain etc..We eat each of us two slices of bread every morning and I like my bread slizes thick usuall topped with hummus or cream cheese or liver pate or Nutella.

THIS IS MY 2nd Bread

picture on my photosite >!i=2341947516&k=rK84rqz&lb=1&s=X3

This one I had the kneading done in the machine. Then I took it out (actually I discovered that the Black & Decker machine does have a kneading only cycle, had overlooked that first) and transferred into a Teflon form that I lined with a few drops of oil covered with flower. The shape was much better although the shape I had a feeling it had a roof that wanted to grow and than did not (you can see sort of a gutter line around the shape) :-) BUT the taste.. my other half said IT TASTE LIKE NOTHING totally bland...When I returned in my mind ..I think I did forget the salt maybe... Having blood pressure that wants to rather rise than drop for me to grab the salt has become a rare movement.. but I guess I forgot...otherwise all these nice ingredients why would it not taste like totally bland?

QUESTION: When I take the dow out the kneading machine. Do I have to handle it with great care? As the ball was in an odd shape I hand kneaded it again a few minutes and reshaped it. BUT after  doing this and seeing the final "tight" outcome I was wondering. Did I push out all the air bubbles maybe? Or do they only form in the baking process? So not to worry about handling the dow coming out of the kneading process from the machine before putting it in the oven.  My other half won't eat much more of this 2nd bread so will try a 3rd one today without any EXTRA ingredients.

Would appreciate you/anyone telling me what flower I must look for that basically makes any NOT white bread.. It does NOT have to be Gluten free (although it tickles my interest with all the good things one reads about eating gluten free. But if it was ONLY for our daily bread would that make a difference in life to our weight?

 Here is the recipie I used:


 Program setting: 2 (Whole Wheat)


1cups of water (80-90degree F) 29C

3/4 cup of milk (80-90degree F) 29C

3 T spoon of butter in pieces

3 T spoon of honey

2 t spoon of salt        ( I guess I may have forgotten it but am not sure..but why would the bread otherwise be sort of tasteless, which the 1st one was not?)

4 cups of Bread flower

3/4 cups of whole wheat flower

(changed to 3/4 cups of whole grain barley flower)

1/4 cup of Hazelnut flour

(changed to 1/4 cups of whole grain barley flower)

2 t spoon bread machine yeast

 1/2 cup sunflower seeds

3 T spoons of golden flax seeds

2 T spoons of white sesame seeds

2 T spoons of Black sesame seeds

(changed to 4t spoons of white sesame seeds)  did not have black sesame at home...

 1 T spoon of poppy seeds

 Kneaded in machine than taken out at 50 min before end of 3.48min program 2 and baked in oven at 375F for 45min in Teflon lined drops of oil covered with thin layer of flower

 Seem to have come out with NO problem..till we tasted it :-).

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My 3rd Bread

I RE-posted all this not for exposure or fame :-) but I find it really hard to find the how and where my previous "posts" are on the site within the "account"  and who knows

maybe this format is better to get more advise or writing in a longer bread journey. Thank.

Picture on my photosite > !i=2344933749&k=44bXdg3&lb=1&s=X3

After the dow kneading stopped for the 1st time it looked like a dry ball I added 1/4 cup of water this time  ( This down I added  1 1/2 Rye bread flower to replace the same amount of normal white bread flower, as per recipe below)

this time used the cycle 9 (kneading dow ONLY) it looked nice and quite high risen when done BUT still I thought if I leave it in there it will look like the 1st bread bland no colour like a clay brick.

So took it out by turning the form over. It sort of went like a huge chewing gum and in the partial pulling/braking (because the kneading arms would not let it go) I saw MANY nice air pockets

So still was concernd to knead more but did give it another 2minutes slow kneading and put it in shape again  (photo & close up) and layed it in the pan walled with bit of oil and flower rushed around the wall (excess thrown away)

Then painted the top of the bread with oil (although in my mind from my other cooking experience I like to use honey to attach grains and herbs on top of mean or chicken etc) but I was scared it would get too dark

so stuck to simply oil and then sprayed the whole wheat kernels on top....................and when the backing was done IT ALL SIMPLE FELL OFF when I took it out of the form there was NO hold what so ever.

The taste was MUCH better (made sure not to forget the salt this time:-)

Still it felt a tiny bit gummy but there were many more small airpockets

BUT I still would like to achieve more of an "airy feel" to my bread, where am I missing something ???


 Program setting: 9 (white) dow kneading only

WHITE BREAD 3-bl loaf

2cups of water (80-90degree F)

4 T spoon of butter in pieces

2 1/2 t spoon of salt

4 T spoon sugar (changed to two, QUESTION does this affect the air or rising when one reduces the sugar?)

5 1/2 cups of Bread flower

(changed to 4 cups white bread flower and 1 1/2 cups of dark rye flower)

1 1/4 t spoon bread machine yeast (changed to 2 1/2)

After the 1st kneading stop the dow looked like a dry ball and I added 1/4 cup of water ( should I have added milk powder also?)

 + ADDED for taste

1 T spoon of Parmesan & herbs mix

1 T spoon black sesame seeds

 After the rising moved to other Teflon basket and baked in over

I took a sharp knife and slashed 3x

then took a small brush painted the top with canola oil

and sprinkled with whole wheat kernels

Baked at 45 min at 375 and 15 at 400

BUT when done all the sunflower kernels fell off.

How to make grains etc stick to the top layer?

How not to have the white flower on the baking pan sticking to the side of the bread when taking it out?

(even it is Teflon I am concerned the bread may stick to the sides if I not oil and flower the walls) what  other solution is there?

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Mini Oven

solution and stick on the seeds. After the seeds are stuck, pat oil onto the loaf with oily hands. If you steam the oven or cover the loaf the first part of the bake, you will also get a nice shine on the loaf without oil or egg.  Oil works like repellent, nothing will stick to the dough after oiling the surface.

You don't need to add any sugar to a bread recipe. I tend to leave it out. I prefer to use slow rising, scalding and fermenting to bring out natural sweetness in grains.

Flour is mehl, Dough is teig.

Other solutions to preventing the dough from sticking is to roll the shaped loaf in flour to dust it or seeds or flattened soft grains like rolled oats. Nut flours are also go for this.


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