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My 1st Bread ever

The PICTURE on my photo site >!i=2337590014&k=BgqrdMd&lb=1&s=O

Hi. This is my first ever home baked bread. Made in a new Black & Decker bread making machine. It came out low on one side high on the other. The inside taste was not bad but I found a word that matched the consitance as "gummy".  The booklet said do NOT open under any condition. I think I should not have believed that. Now I read that taking the dow out and reshaping it before the baking process would not be a bad thing.  I add here my recipe underneath from the booklet with a few changes I made . (We do NOT like white plane bread) I the only whole weath flower I found at Saveway was "whole grain barley flower".

The only things I could think off my head are: maybe I added to much of if and did and not add more yeast. What do you think?

I like my seeds inside my bread and not only outside on the crust where they seem to fall off when cut or eaten.

So I mixed all my seeds into the dow from the beginning. Does that affect the rising ?

Naturally any advise is welcome and much appreciated. Thank you.

I just finished my 2nd bread it still hot. I took the dow out transferred into a teflon container lined with a bit of oil and flower and it looked much better. Have not cut and tasted yet ..must cool down first and taste tomorrow morning.


 Program setting: 1 (white)

WHITE BREAD 3-bl loaf

2cups of water (80-90degree F)

4 T spoon of butter in pieces

2 1/2 t spoon of salt

4 T spoon

5 1/2 cups of Bread flower

(changed to 3 cups white bread flower and 2 1/2 cups of whole grain barley flower)

1 1/4 t spoon bread machine yeast

+ ADDED for taste

2 T spoon of dry onion flakes

1 T spoon of Parmesan & herbs

1 T spoon sunflower kernels

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