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seeking a scoop of starter, cape town, S. Africa

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seeking a scoop of starter, cape town, S. Africa

Hi there

I'm hoping there's another Cape Town-based baker on this forum who would be happy to part with a spoonful of sourdough starter. Someone who shall not be named threw away my entire store of starter during the holidays while I was away. I can start a new batch from scratch, but wondered whether anyone else in this part of the world had some they'd be happy to share.


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Hi there

I run a small artisanal bakery in Johannesburg specialising in sourdough breads for an organic and natural market. I'd be happy to help with a small tub of starter (commenced in 2010). It is 1:1 mix of Eureka Pure Rye Flour / Water. Just need to work out logistics of getting it down to CT though. My cell: 079 502 9369.


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Mini Oven

It has saved my starters many times to put stickers and "save" messages on the starter jar or zipper bag when sharing a fridge.  Otherwise it looks like left overs gone bad.  Also dry some starter for back up stored elsewhere like a cool dark cupboard or freezer.  

warning: sourdough starter, do not throw away, no matter what!    Also doesn't hurt to add  "keep refrigerated"    and  "do not crush or freeze"

Date and add details, the more the better.   

Good luck in starting or getting a sourdough starter.  :)