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Practice YW Slash Bag

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Practice YW Slash Bag

We had some left over YW levain from out panettone bake we will try to pull off today.  Rather than toss it we decided to make a baguette so we could practice our slashing and have some bread for tonight’s bruschetta.

The levain was20 god SD seed and50 gof YW that eventually totaled 160 g at 75% hydration with 50% of the flour rye, WW and spelt with  the remainder AP.   The levain was a 3 step build 4 hours apart.  The dough flour was 40 grams of the whole meal mix plus 240 g of AP along with 185 g of water and 10 g of salt. 


The total weight was 640 g and the total hydration was 66.25%.  With such a low hydration you can tell we weren’t going for holes and didn’t want bruschettta falling through them. 

We autolysed the dough flour for 2 hours and after mixing everything together we did 10 minutes of French slap and folds letting the dough rest for 20 minutes and the did 3 French folds every 20 minutes.  We let the dough rest for 20 minutes and shaped it into a 16” long fat baguette and let it proof in a basket for 2 hours before firing up Big Old Betsy. 


We should have let this dough double in volume – probably 4-6 hours but we didn’t have room in the fridge for it and time had run out so we baked it 2 ¾ hours after it hit final proof at 450 F with steam.  After 12 minutes we removed the steam and turned down the oven to 425 F, convection this time and continued to bake the baguette for 10 more minutes until the inside hit 208 F.

It browned up nicely and bloomed but no spring.  We didn’t expect much which is what we got on the inside.  Pretty dense crumb with a few small holes,  I’m sure it would have been fine if rested in the fridge for 24 hours and then allowed to finish proofing on the counter before baking.

This should warn others if you don’t have time don’t waste it by baking something that isn’t ready just because you wanted to use up some starter.  Always make sure that you have room in the fridge for a retard if you run out of time - especially if you are making  YW baggie.



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Well...pretty sunset.....I'm sure if you grilled that up it would taste fine....maybe not as good as some of your recent bakes, but it will fill you up all the same :)

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sucks and the rest is OK.  This time  the scoring was OK and the rest sucked :-)  Well, my apprentice knew it was gong to be bad, she growled at me when I fired up old Betsy.  I would have been better off just putting it outside sine its the winter time and it got down to 38 F last night!    This morning it would have been perfect.  Never thought of that but that is why I have an apprentice - right?  Oh well next time, which will be very soon, we will do it right but the slashing will probably be  horrendous. 

This was a really nice sunset.  It was a very unusual one with different colors than usual.  Was working on panettone all day.  Kind of fun making origami tall trash can liners for the molds.  Made 3 different kinds but only used the one that came out the tallest.  The dough isn't as nice as last time though.  Maybe it is because I used YW and SD instead of SD and commercial yeast for the first dough.  Had a heck of a time getting a decent gluten development - last time this was not a problem.  Oh well its coming up on 6 hours for the final proof and it's not moving up the bag much.  Oh well. 

Tasted good covered up with something very nice like bruschetta topping.

Happy baking Ian!

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Dabrownman -

The Slash Bag had some nice scoring tho'  They opened up well and there's grigne too!  The crumb on those looks like the crumb I got when I too did not give the sourdough its full rest.  Live and learn, and in this case, it worked fine for bruschetta. 

Happy Baking


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of what we normally get with baggies.  All great except for the scoring is the norm but NNOOOOOO!!!.  Oh well, what ya gonna do?  Dough will be dough.....

Thanks for noticing my one decent baguette scoring.  Now I can take the outside of this one and put it with the inside on  another and post a baguette to be proud of :-)

Thanks Linda and Happy BaKing

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I was unhappy with some flour I milled and was going to throw it out, but instead this afternoon I made a baguette with it for practice with shaping and slashing.   Yours came out better.   It has a great color and the scores are very elegant.   -Varda

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accept a good slash any day  over holes in bread - well maybe not all the time :-)  It tastes better with holes- even though they are completely empty and provide no taste whatsoever.  Who thought that up?

Hopefully yours tasted better than this one even if not as pretty - and taste rules after a good slashing of course.

Happy Baking Varda