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Old Starter needs to be revived

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Old Starter needs to be revived

Hi Folks,

I have a natural yeast starter that has been in the fridge for the past 6 weeks or so without feeding it.  Now I want to revive it.   Any insights to the best way to do this would be appreciated.


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Take one part, by weight, of starter and add equal parts of flour and chlorine-free water.  Let sit at about 75 to 85°F until doubled (about 8 hours) then repeat.  Starter should be raring to go.


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I revived a forgotten starter my friends had in their fridge (estimated to have been sitting there 5-8 weeks). It smelled like kombucha and had separated. I stirred it down, pulled a tablespoon of it out of the jar, added a tbsp each water and AP flour and within hours it was showing pretty vigorous growth. [I kept the jar around for a few days just in case I needed to give it a second go.] Glad it was so easy because it turns out that that starter had come from Estonia some generations ago. Pretty cool to bake with history.