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Hello from sunny Yorkshire, UK

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Hello from sunny Yorkshire, UK

Hello all,

Since I've made use of several recipes on here now I thought I should pop on and say thanks plus share a couple of photos of my Pain De Campagne which is based on this post:

A few tweaks were made to account for a cold kitchen and a slightly unenthusiastic Starter. I doubled the amount of starter in the Levain and added a pinch of dried active yeast to the flour mix as an insurance policy. Got a good rise, lovely crunchy crust and excellent flavour all round. Huzzah!

Boule the first (excuse the blur it was 8am and I'd had no coffee):

Boule the second (shaping, slashing fail but good oven spring):

And a slice/crumb shot in its element with a poached egg, butter and black pepper:

Cheers for the assistance!


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Welcome and congrats!

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Welcome along Sam,

I'm up the road in Northumberland.

Very nice bread

Best wishes


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Welcome, Sam, to TFL.:) I'm down in the south, just outside London, though originally from Japan ....about a quarter of century ago.

Your bread looks great, especially the crumb. Look forward to more of your posts.:)


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I shall look forward to trying out some more of the recipes on here.

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And occasionally passing them off to my girlfriend as my own...