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Egg in pizza douer

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Egg in pizza douer

I have been using Peter Reinharts pizza dough recipe for three years With excellent results.  I have recently used a receipt from a pizzeria in Australia

8 kg flours,  1 tsp salt,  1 tsp instant yeast,  2 tsp sugar, 500 ml olive oil,  1 beaten egg.

results are excellent. I ferment the dough in the fridge for 24 hours.  The final pizza is thing and tasty.  I make pizzas in a wood fired oven and am amazed with the results on the recipe.

I would appreciate any comments on this pizza dough recipe



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First time I have seen egg in a pizza dough..if it works and you like it, why not?

Would love to see some photos of your pies especially from your WFO.

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See my web site for pictures of pizzas we make. I'm just amazed how little sugar salt and yeast the recipe called for and how the dough developed. The ruse us extraordinary. I don't know what one egg would do to the dough. Weather it helps the yeast. The Reinhart recipe call for .54% instant yeast which calls for 43 grams yeast as compared to 1 tea spoon which is 4 grams. And the formula works. Forgot hydration is 50%.

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that is a pretty lean mix..i personally lean more towards a vienna bread for pizza, in the amount of flour you show i might use 8 ounce of egg and 6 ounce sugar and 2  ounce of instant yeast and 6 ounce of oil, and last..salt 3 ounce,  this makes a nice loaf as well as a pizza, especially if you like a thick crust. for the thin though, i guess you are better off with a leaner dough...i love thick my better half loves paper thin...


so much for two cents worth..:)


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Yeah, I know how lean this is when you compare 1 teaspoon yeast weighs 4 grams which is avtually .14 ounces to 17 pounds flour and it works beautifully. This is so far removed from anything I have ever done in the past.
Thanks for you response