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Where to buy a Brod and Taylor proofer

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Where to buy a Brod and Taylor proofer

I am just sick-hearted. One more time I turned my oven on low (150 is the lowest setting) and FORGOT TO TURN IT OFF before I put my beautiful multigrain dough in to ferment. My dough overrose and dried out but didn't  cook-it had been cold retarded so it was raring to go. I am NOT throwing it waway-the dough tastes too good. It will either make pancakes,muffins or flatbread-depending on what capabilities I can eak out of it.

I am done trying to fake it-Brod and Taylor for me! Merry Belated Christmas!

Anyone know the best place to buy one?

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While I purchased mine directly from B&T when they first came out, Amazon carries them now as well as King Arthur Flour.

You'll probably get a better deal on shipping from Amazon.

The B&T proofer is pretty darn fanstastic.  You won't regret the purchase.

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My husband bought me one direct from Brod and Taylor for Christmas.  I'm very happy with it.  No more worries about the temperature for proofing your dough.  It was a relief for me and the bread results are more consistent.


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I can hardly wait for mine to arrive in the next few days ! Before ordering I checked several sites including Brod and Taylor and Amazon regarding price and the all important shipping. I am in Canada and even sites here could not beat King Arthur - last week they offered it for $147 with free shipping.

Best of luck , Merlie.

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Seriously love the Brod and Taylor proofer. I now make a gallon of yogurt at a time too and their custard style recipe is WAY better than what you yogurt maker suggested. My 1/2 gallon yogurt maker will be up for sale soon.

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I ordered it on Amazon and got it right from Brod and Taylor with free shipping. What a difference in starter,dough and yogurt. I believe in having the right tools for the job and this one is definitely a great tool. No regrets here!

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My Mom is always asking me what she can get me for Christmas, and I can't ever think of anything, until this year, and I told her she could get me this, as I had been contemplating it, but kept putting it off.  

She has already gotten several samples of bread made in it, so she says it was a good investment!  She always gets something when she comes over, but she can tell I am experimenting, as she has gotten more than normal.

I was actually contemplating making one of those homemade versions in Wood's Classic Sourdoughs, then I saw this on the market.  And so far, I have not made a batch of sourdough that was bland or over soured - things that would invariably happen when using just room temp., or chilling the doughs.  I have some rye dough rising in it now, just on 70º, but it is a constant temp., not varying all day and night.  And I have made yougurt in it already, and it came out great.  No chocolate tempering yet, but give me time... 

I got it from KAF, and got 15% off, plus a $10 gift card, but these were Christmas specials (Mom was glad I did the shopping! LOL).