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Encouragement for the Newbie Sourdough

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Encouragement for the Newbie Sourdough

Encouragement for the Newbie Sourdough Nut. 

I thought I'd post a little encouragement for the newbie sourdough baker. We all start somewhere and I'm new to all this sourdough stuff too and been very confused at so many points. I've read and read and read and all this has done is created more confusion. Having said this, the reading and help from others has been so beneficial. 

Me, I'm a bit of a cheapskate and started this bread baking lark to save some money. However, having found this wonderful site, it's become a hobby and with so much talk of sourdough, I thought I'd give it a try. 

For me, being the cheapskate I started with plain old cheap Allinson Strong Bread Flour. I mixed 50/50 water flour as so many say to do. This was all a bit half hearted at first and my first attempt smelt real bad so in the bin it went. Now not being one to give up, a few days later I tried again. Still 50/50 with the mentioned flour. This time I was a bit better and managed to feed the started for most of the days. I say most, as, I was not a very good Dad to William. Never mine, not all Mums and Dads are good, but given time they get better. 

My methology was a bit erratic, feed sometime and forget others. Poor William. On the counter top some days and in the fridge others. Even sat under a lamp once. With all this abuse, you'd think that William would rebel and give me a hard time. Fortunately, William was tougher than I imagined and as time progressed and my routine developed, so did William. Now even after the initial abuse and with the learning I had to do to become a better Dad, William and I have settled into a wonderful relationship.

So how do I treat William now. With compassion and respect one might say. I feed him once a day and put his sibling waste into a coffee jar and leave that in the fridge - Another story is there. But always I start each day with 25g of William and his food of 25g water and 25g of Allinsons Bread Flour.

Hang in there all you new sourdough nutters. Even with a little effort, your baby will flourish as will your ability. The next question is, will William have the qualities go to Oxford or Eaton? Maybe not, but remember, this may have been your first child and future kids may.  

It's funny how a little lump of goo can become your baby :-)