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Raspberry Cream Cheese Braid

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Raspberry Cream Cheese Braid

My fight against scurvy (not really) and the wintertime blues (really) by baking fruity things continued today.  This time I went for raspberries and made a Raspberry Cream Cheese Braid using the Blueberry Cream Cheese Braid formula on the site.

 Very very good, as expected!


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Looks fantastic Floyd. The cream cheese looks gooey-ier than expected, almost pourable. Did you do something different there than in the blueberry recipe?

Also, have you ever tried this as a straight dough? I see that it's quite an enriched dough, I guess I'm wondering how the sponge plays into it. 

I'm inspired to give this one a shot. 


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I think I added a little bit more egg and milk to the cream cheese mixture.  I also used the standmixer to mix it up, so it was indeed quite smooth and spreadable.

I'm not sure about the necessity of the sponge.  I did the whole thing in one day today, starting the sponge around noon, and shaping around 3:30.  It came out just as good as far as I can tell.


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Faith in Virginia


Arn't they great.  Your original post of that recipe convinced me to buy the book.  Just got it yesterday.  Last week I did a cranberry, walnut version.

This week I did the Blueberry version.  I increase the cheese and the fruit by a factor of two.  This is today's bake.

Thanks for introducing them to me.


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Beautiful, Faith!

I forgot to to put parchment under one of mine until after I'd loaded it up, so that one got a bit messy, but it still tastes great!


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Faith in Virginia

I made a tool out of sheet metal , looks like a long pastry knife about 17" long.  Works well as a transfer board or for scooping up loaves like these. Easy to make and really comes in handy.

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Beautiful bake both Floyd and Faith.  I have not eaten breakfast yet....wish I could have a piece of your cream cheese braid!



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Hmmm.... Maybe it's not such a bad idea to have winter-blues if it becomes an incentive for baking such a charming bread.  Looks really yummy, Floyd!

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I love stuff like that , but it doesn't love me! However I can certainly palm it off on DH, and others so that it isn't sitting about calling my name. I do have a pile of raspberries in the freezer as well as blueberries and pitted cherries, they would be deicious baked up into a nice tasty gooey yummyness. Have you considered making small ones so they are already portioned? I think they would be lovely, not as much impact as the large one, being sliced and presented but hey, great for those people who have to take lunches.

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Once of my favorite recipes from TFL .  Sometimes we really go healthy and Lo-Cal by making it with puff paste :-)


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I first made this braid a couple of weeks ago, filling it with cream cheese, dates, and toasted almonds and it was delicious - a welcome addition to a gathering I had .  I have a dinner invite tonight, and have had the taste of that braid wondering around in my mind, so I made a cheater braid - used a can of cherry pie filling.  Looks good enough to eat!

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Faith in Virginia

Looks yummy! Can't see the can from my house. :-)

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After seeing these wonderful fruity Cream Cheese Braids, I feel an acute bout of scurvy waiting to attack me.

Time to use my frozen rhubarb or Italian plums!