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Happy to have joined: Hi from Vancouver Canada

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Happy to have joined: Hi from Vancouver Canada


Having lived on all 5 continents I have cooked all my life but never made bread. I love mixing things and fusion cooking.

With bread prices rising in Vancouver from say $4.56 for 19 small triangular breads to 5.49 in one go, I find the % aren't fair and relation with the economy. AND I love a good bread...and have noticed that with the price changes the weight is not consistant, we are buying more and more airbubbles. I am Austrian and love my Bavarian style bread or anything that is NOT white bread. I do love a French baguetts from time to time but not as everymorning staple as we try to keep the weight under controle being around 50:-).

We are a mixed couple Asian and European and just bought our 1st bread machine a Black and Decker and made our 1st bread that came our somwhat "gummy". I read the term online that matched the feeling yea it was "gummy" Also the shape looked a bit like and inflated Ferrari low on one side high on the other. So my second bread just done I took out and baked in the oven. I looks better we'll taste it tomorrow.

I look forward learning as much as possible here and thank you for actually making all this available to us. I like breads with loads of seeds of all sorts, Banana Bread anything but plane white bread.

We are already considering maybe returning the bread machine. That small window is so frustrating. And going digging for the two kneading pedals in the finished bread was NOT fun.

I love taking photos of everything cooked and will upload and make a new Bread pic gallery here

and hope that some of the pics will tell the experts here what was/is likely to be wrong in my loaf


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Mini Oven

I'm in Chile (for the moment) baking rye bread for my Linzer husband and myself. ..and about 4 others.  First, get started on a sourdough starter.  In a week you'll be cranking out some decent bread and can put all the seeds your heart desires into it.  

First you need Rye (Roggen) flour, Spelt (Dinkel) and others.  See this link, the method for making a starter works pretty fast.  You only need a spoon of rye flour per day, every second day if the kitchen is cool.

You can also order flour on line.  Also type into the site search box: Vancouver, where to find flour

and see what pops up.  You can also find out what brands are in your area.