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Hello, or rather...Sawtii Khap...from Thailand

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Hello, or rather...Sawtii Khap...from Thailand

Since rice is king here and especially sticky rice, which is their bread mainstay....I could only get the commercial polyester type breads here, so I got an oven and am now making my own!  Talk about fresh banana bread....I am going to experiment with papayas next.  If squash (pumpkins) can be used, then why not, eh?  Incidently, the Thai word for squash is Fook...rhymes with book....hmmmm.  So far, I can get most of what I need here for a great assortment of various bread recipes.  Happy eating, Pood Entaine

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Welcome to TFL.

Banana breads with thai bananas would be a dream.   So many varieties for so many different flavor profiles.


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Just a thought. :-)

 P.S. I have never tried making it before, hadn't even thought of doing it until this moment. Maybe I need to...

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At some point in the last few years I threw together (no recipe) an experimental loaf that was flour,ripe (not overripe)bananas,yeast,salt,oil and just a little water (didn't need much-much to my surprise). The loaf came out moist,fluffy and had a few tiny black dots and a slightly grayish color to the crumb but was quite delicious. If you really chewed it well, you could detect a very slight banana flavor. I never did anything after to develop an actual recipe-it is on my list and eventually I will but I hope,maybe, that I will just be able to get it from you!  :)


So go for it-think of the fruit as liquid with added benefits!

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Mini Oven

would also be worth a try.  A little lime juice too to help with the bitter of ripe papaya is worth a thought.  Nutmeg?  When I add a little ground nutmeg to banana bread, those that don't like banana bread think it's a nut bread.  Cool huh?  

I remember doing some interesting things with papaya.  One time I threw cut ripe papaya into a blender and then poured it into custard cups to chill.  It set up all by itself.  I wonder if the gelatin in papaya could be used like a tangzhong (roux) type of ingredient as well.  What would heat do to it?