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Broken book

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Broken book

The spine of my copy of Hamelman'S  Bread, A baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes has   broken, and I have not used it roughtly.  Has anyone else had this happen?


Sue inTallahassee

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It's been discussed here in the past. Mine is like that.


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I'm on my second copy and the same thing has happened.
Does anyone know if the 2nd edition is any more robustly constructed?

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Debra Wink

My 1st ed split at Pain au Levain. I guess that tells a story of sorts :-) 

One of the first things I noticed when I opened the second edition is that the binding is more flexible, like a real textbook. When you lay it on the counter, it stays open. The book doesn't snap shut when you let go, and the pages don't flip when you turn your back. It has a more lasting feel to it.

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That's my reason for buying the second edition, Patsy.   My copy's a wreck now!


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Exactly the same thing happened to me with that book and I had barely used it.

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for responding with helpful comments.  I guess I have the option of buying the second edition