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Baguette from Forkish poolish dough

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Baguette from Forkish poolish dough


Here are a couple of pictures of a short, stubby baguette (really a "batard" more than a baguette I realize) that I baked yesterday. I used the poolish dough from the new book by Ken Forkish (which I really like) that had been in the refrigerator since last Saturday (5 days basically). I shaped it into a dough ball straight from the fridge, covered it and let it warm for a half hour, and then shaped it for the loaf and let it proof covered for an hour while the oven was heating. The crumb was light and airy and it had pretty phenomenal oven-spring.





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Yeah, it looks like it really popped once it got in the oven.


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Hi Mike, nice results,  The longest I have gone is 7 days, many times at 4 days, normally overnight up to 15-18 hours.  I say this as there have been many questions over the years from people asking how long can you go?  The answers usually come back at max 2 days.  You have proven otherwise.  Granted a 5 or 7 day may be different than one day, but doesnt mean the results are anything less than outstanding...  Technically speaking there are many changes that occur that the chemists will all explain, but again the results are proven as you've demonstrated...


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The baguettes came out really well.  I like the nice golden crust.  I did not realize you could leave the dough in the fridge for so long.  Great bake!


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40 hour retard twice this week now I have to go for 72 hours!.  What A nice loaf of bread.