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Alaskan Sour Dough

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Alaskan Sour Dough


These just came out of the Oven. Baked on a Pizza Stone at 450- 28 minutes. Recipe is supposedly a old Alaskan recipe. I have done it one time before and the crust and crumb could not have ?? been any better. The sponge sat out side in a cool shed overnight about 12 hrs.  It got below freezing out side but the sponge was at 35 degrees. Brought the sponge inside and waited for it to come to room temp.

One loaf little larger than the other by about 4 OZ. I scaled it but did not change the weight.

The crust seems nice and crispy. Have not cut but from the past loaves it should be very tasty.


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very nice looking loaves.

what recipe did you use?

i made an AAlaskan loaf once before and it had a sour dough starter and condensed milk.