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Deck Oven Cooperative? Anybody?

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Greg D

Deck Oven Cooperative? Anybody?

My wife has more or less convinced me that unless I live longer than she does, I am never going to be allowed to install a commercial deck oven in the garage.  But I dearly want access to a professional steam injection deck oven for a couple hours a week.  It occurs to me that there are a number of small artisan bakeries in my area, and I assume they have equipment they are not using 24/7 and I assume they could always use a little extra income.  Is anybody aware of a program or co-op whereby baking professionals "rent out" time on their deck ovens to non-commercial baking enthusiasts?  I have a few preliminary ideas on how to address issues such as insurance, security, liablity waivers, etc., but if somebody, somewhere is already doing this and could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, and if you steal my idea and make a million dollars, you owe me a loaf of bread. 

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They list commercial kitchens with rental options. might be another option search for Commercial Kitchen Rental.

Also try a Google search 'Commercial Kitchen Rental _______' enter your local county or municipality in the underlined area.

Best of luck!